Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's about Dreams

Oh my God, this night is a best time to sleep. It's raining outside and now my house lights off!! What the hell! It sucks because i'm just going to learn mathemathics. So, i will write a post here. Now, i will discuss about DREAM. Yes, dream. 
What do you know about dream? I think dream is a part of life. Dream is a wish or a goal which we want to go. Have you a dream? What's that? Yes, everyone would have a dream. Like me. I have many dreams. And one day i wish all my dreams come true. There are so many ways to realize your dream come true. You must hard work to catch your dreams. There are so much quotes about dreams which could keep your spirit. Like this.
There are so much people which could be your motivation. And there are so much people who successfully catch their dreams because hard work and high spirit. So, don't ever stop dreaming. And you must believe that one day your dreams will be come true. Trust me, okay? 
Okay, i think enough for the explaination about dreams. To short? Yes, i know. I'm not someone who is good at motivating. But we can talking about our dreams together. You can leave a comment and i response about your dreams. Still be a full dreamer, friend! Because dreams is full colour like a rainbow.

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