Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Now, i'm so confused. I don't know, may be i'm afraid. I'm afraid to thinking of  my future. I'm 12 senior high school now and soon i'll leave senior high school to university as a college student. I hope i can continue to communication majors cause i want to be a journalist or broadcasting. Yes, it's my dream and i hope my dream will be come true. But now, i'm confused. Where am i continue my study? Have you a suggestion to me? Which the university in Indonesia should i choose?
 I'm afraid if i'm not accept in university that i want. I'm afraid if i can't make proud my parents. I'm afraid if i take a wrong decision. And i'm afraid if my parents have a trouble with our finance which can hamper my education. Oh God, please give me a strengthsmoothness and ease in doing all this to my destination successfully. Amin~

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