Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello, Goodbye.

Hello, i'm back! First post in July. One more time, so sorry for super late updates. I had toothache for a weeks so i have no idea to make a post on this blog. But now, i feel better. 
Okay, it's July. And honestly, i miss to go to school. No, i mean i miss my friend in my school. It's so absurd, isn't it? When i still a student who go to school every day, i want to take a holiday. But now, when i had a school graduated and have a long long holiday, i miss my daily activities in school. Yes, it's a fact. When you had a school graduated, you should be happy cause you'll be free with school assigments. But something you must remember, there will a sadness behind the happiness. That is a SEPARATION. Ah, that is something that i hate in my life. I had feel so comfort with my best friends and now.........we should be separated to continue studying at college each other in different University, different City, or different Country. So saaaaaaad :'( That's why i give this title post "Hello, Goodbye".
Hello for July, and goodbye for my friends. I'll miss you guys <3

So, this is my outfit on last week that i wore to attend Jakarta Book Fair 2012 on Senayan. The event was so great and much happiness. Much talk show from the writer and motivator. My fav talk show was Arif Muhammad's. Do you know him? No? How's if i called @Poconggg? Yes, if you have a twitter account surely you know him. He's so famous on twitter. Okay, it's enough for this post. See you soon on next post. Keep smiling!