Who am i?

My full name is Sarah Rizqi Amaliah. But you can call me Sarah or Sariz. I'm a girl who love book and fashion. I love writing since i was elementary school. Until now i'm senior high school, i still love writing. I also love read. I read novel with genre teen romance. I write anything as i want, especially about things who i love. I also love music. I've many favourite singer from Indonesia and foreign. From Indonesia, i love Afgan Syahreza. I love him so much since i was junior high school hehe. I love him because he has dimple. Oh my God, he's so cute and sweet. I love the boy who has a dimple. Moreover, he also has a good voice and his voice is so unique. I also love Raisa. Oh, she's so beautiful. And her voice is soooooo awesome. I also love Adera and Gamaliel. Oh, i love their voice. They've amazing voice. I know them from youtube. Yes, actually i really enjoy singer from youtube than singer from television. Youtube singer has a great voice and they never lipsync hehe. And honestly, i feel so bored with entertainment on television. Almost music program in Indonesia full of boyband and girlband. And err...they often lipsync and just depend their dance. Okay, from foreign, i love Adele, Beyounce, Bruno Mars and Rihana. I love their voice. Their voice is so amazing.

Now, i wanna speak up about my blog. I start blog from February 2011. Why i make a blog? The answer is so simple, because i love writing and i wanna write about my daily story in my blog. I also love fashion, so i post my daily outfit on my blog. I often blogwalking. From blogwalking, i get a lot of lessons. I do blogwalking to looking something for inspiration. I've a dream to be a famous blogger. I've a dream to be a famous author. And i've a dream to be a someone who can reach all her dream. I'm a big dreamer. And i've spirit to reach it. Follow my blog if you want to be close with me. I really appreciate someone who want to know me. I'll so happy if i have a new friends.