Sunday, February 26, 2012

Colour Blocking

Hellooooooooo anyone! Long time no write in here. I'd like to say sorry for a long time absent on this blog. I've some reason for this problem. But really i miss my blog so much. Why i didn't updates for a long time on this blog? Firstly, my laptop was broken. I felt so sad for this. And the second reason was i'm so busy with the practical exam and try out which no spaces. I almost die for this! I have headache everyday. I'm stessed out! And because this, my body was drop and i was sick for 3 days. But i still must followed the practical exam and year book photo seasion although my body was drop. Oh, i felt so tired that day. And in this post, i wanna share the year book photo sesion of my class. Yes, our theme is colour blocking. 

What is your opinion about that photo?