Monday, October 17, 2011

Ceribel Styles

Whoaaaa it's crazy. In this post i want to show you about my random style again. But now, i'm not alone. I had take a photoshoot with my best friends named Kamel and Sindy. We had been friends since 3 years ago. We are happy and sadly together. And also we crazy together haha. Now, i want to show you our crazy styles. We called it CERIBEL STYLES. Did you know ceribel? Hmm..i'm confused to explain it. But, it's like one of the names girlband in Indonesia on the rise. Not understand what i mean? Okay, honestly ceribel is girlband in Indonesia. Oh, you got it? Good! haha. Okay, but if you still don't understand what i mean, let's check this photo and i'm sure you got it after you see the styles :p
(ki-ka: Sindy, me, Kamel)

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