Saturday, February 2, 2013

A New Look

This question makes me smile. So, i want to answer in this post for that question. 
Dear, Maulida and for those who have same question with her, 
yes, now i'm permanently wearing hijab. I've wore hijab since about 5 month ago. 
As a moslem, hijab is a liabilities. And i've decided to wear it so i've a responsible to be a better person than yesterday. 
Oh ya, i'm sorry cause i've no more post about my daily outfit. If you're think because now i wore hijab so i can't explore my style, you're totally wrong. I still can explore my style with hijab. Mix and match my outfit with my veil. It more fun, guys. Because you're only not match your top, pants/skirt/, and shoes but you have a challenge to match it with your veil haha.
I've no more post about my daily outfit because  just have no time to take a photoshoot. As you know that now i live in Bandung so there's no one who can take a shoot for  my daily outfit. My sister (Shofi) who always take a shoot for me, live in Jakarta. So, once again i'm sorry.
But, this i have a few of my photos with hijab. This is my new look. What do you think?