Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello Kitty Stuffs ♥

As you known that i loved hello kitty so much. And here i wanna to show you my hello kitty stuffs. There are my stuffs since i'm elementary school until now, senior high school. My stuffs are almost full of hello kitty. I bought it anywhere and anytime as i want. Usually if i seen the cute stuff of hello kitty, i couldn't refrain to bought it. Hehe :p

From my EX -_-

a set of hello kitty gadgets :)
17th gift from my Ciricuiy ♥
Actually, there are many more hello kitty stuffs that i have. But i hadn't time to take the pictures. May be soon i'll post the pictures of my new hello kitty stuffs. If any of you loved hello kitty as me, you can comment on this post and we can share each other about hello kitty stuff! :D

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