Sunday, December 11, 2011

Disney's Princess

Since i was a kid, i loved disney's princess so much. They're look so beautiful. Until now i'm a teen, i still love disney's princess. I disagree with other people who said that only a kid who may love disney's princess. Or a teen who love disney's princess is like a kid. It's not true! I love disney's princess cause they're so beautiful and they lived in a castle. When i was a kid, i always hope that i could have a castle. Oh, yes it's just a imaginary child hehe :p

The disney's princess

Look at their castle! It's look so beautiful.

OMG! The lil princess are so cuteeee. AW!
Disney's princess version super heroes haha they're look strong!
WHAT THE?!?! What's wrong with them? I think they'd failed diets haha LOL!
Wuuuu they're look so sexy with swimsuits haha
She's my favorite. Yes, Snow White! :D

I wish i were a princess who had a prince at the end

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