Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book Review: Unforgettable

I love this novel so much. I don't know, maybe because the story was succed touch my heart. Or because when i read this novel, i have same feelings with the girl in the novel...

Unforgettable: Tentang Cinta yang Menunggu
written by Winna Efendi, one of my favourite author and published by Gagas Media, one of my favourite publisher.
Unforgettable tell about a girl who is waiting a love. A girl who has been lonely for long time because her ex-boyfriend was died. She is love writing so much. She has one brother. They both love wine so much because their father. And because of that, they have a bar. In their bar, she met a man who got her attention. Then they both be acquainted each other. They start to know each other until they get closer. They talked about their life, their problems, and so on. Until one day, the man was lost. He never ever came back to the bar. And the girl was confused. Actually, she missed him. And she don't know about her feelings. There is a feel of loss...and it seems that she love him.

I surely know how is her feelings. Because i ever feel so. I has been closer with him, then 
suddenly he was lost.

And here are the quotes i love from this novel:
"Seandainya memori seperti kaset yang dapat berulang-ulang diputar kembali"
"Perasaan ini bukan cinta. Perasaan ini rasa aman. Rasa nyaman. Kebersamaan. Ingin tahu"
"Ada sesuatu yang dinamakan takdir. Pertemuan kita adalah salah satunya"
"Mengapa rasa nyaman harus terikat dengan komitmen?"
"Dan mereka hanyalah dua orang asing yang tak saling mengenal. Kebetulan bertemu di suatu tempat, pada suatu titik waktu" 
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