Thursday, January 25, 2018

Depp Talk

That quote is so deep. 

I accidentially found that quote and i was like..."damn, it's true.." Gue berasa ditampar banget sama "kata-kata" itu. It can be related to my life now. Iam not doing exactly what i love. And it happened for over four past years. This job (what iam doing) is not what i want. That is exactly not my dream job. Not even one of my dreams job. I always have a dream to be a writer or an anouncer radio or a news anchor or a journalist or someone who work at a magazine, at a publisher, at a television or even at a radio.

That was my dreams job.

But here iam. Stucked in the circle of call center & customer service stuffs.

I never ever wanna be a call center or be a customer service as here iam today. Never ever crossed my mind. Sekalipun.

Si if it doesn't fit in you, then why you keep doing that? Banyak orang-orang yang nanya begini ke gue. Masalahnya adalah, mereka yang nanya begitu adalah mereka yang nggak bener-bener kenal sama gue. They don't know anything about me. 

Mungkin banyak dari kalian yang pernah ngerasain hal kayak gue. Kayak quotes di atas itu. Ngelakuin sesuatu hal yang "mungkin" bukan sesuatu hal yang bener-bener lo suka. Terus kalo nggak suka, kenapa tetep dilakuin?

Man. Come on.

Here's the important thing:

I always believe that everything happens for a reason. 

Always have a positive mind. Dimana pun dan kapan pun.

Jangan pernah menyesal, jangan pernah merasa bahwa kalian melakukan sesuatu yang menyia-nyiakan waktu kalian.

Karena semakin kalian menyesal, hidup kalian nggak akan maju dan akan tetap stucked disitu-situ aja.

Contohnya gini:

Kalau 4 tahun yang lalu gue nggak masuk kuliah Sekretaris (which mean not exactly what i want), gue nggak akan pernah ketemu Dimas (which mean my favourite boy since 2013).

Kalau gue nggak jadi call center, gue nggak akan pernah tau gimana rasanya komunikasi sama orang-orang dari hampir seluruh daerah di Indonesia (terutama berkomunikasi dengan orang timur). It feels like so different when i talk to so many people with their accents. And it was such a pleasure experience that i can communicate with another people around Indonesia. 

Kalau gue nggak jadi customer service Jafra, gue nggak akan pernah dapet gift-gift gratis produk Jafra (this is what i like haha).

And so many more experiences...

Jadi, intinya adalah kalau ada yang nanya:

If you are not doing what you love, then what's the point? 

I will answer with this : Maybe not what i love but what i have to.



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