Sunday, December 30, 2012

Workshop Stand Up Comedy Kompas Tv

Speakers: Raditya Dika & Randhika Jamil
Hello, everyone! How's your holiday?
Well, my holiday felt boring enough, even i spend this holiday in Jakarta (as you know that i studied at college in Bandung so i live there and left Jakarta for one year). In this post, i wanna share about workshop Stand Up Comedy. Do you know about Stand Up Comedy? If you don't, go to youtube i suggest. I'm a Stand Up Comedy-lover. I love them, and i love their joke i mean. My favourite "comic" (name for stand up comedy player) is Raditya Dika. He's so funny, right?

Okay, let's continue about this workshop. Actually, i knew this information from twitter (yes, twitter always gave me an interesting info which is favourable), then i told to my friends who want to follow this workshop. Oh, i forgot to tell you that this workshop held on December, 21st 2012 in Stisi Telkom University, Bandung. Well, at first the inform us that the speakers for this workshop are Raditya Dika and Ge Pamungkas, that's why i'm very interested to follow its. But finally they inform us that the speakers have changed. I was dissapointed enough. They canceled Ge. In fact, i love Ge's joke (yes, he's the winner of stand up comedy kompas tv season 2 and pssst... he has good looking-face i guess). They changed Ge to Randhika Jamil. It's okay cause there's still Raditya Dika i mean. That's not bad enough. The workshop started at 08.00 till 12.00 and i went there with my college's friends as you know they're Shenny, Rifti, Annissa, and some of my friends who want to joined.

The master of ceremony for this workshop are Mc Danny and one of telkom's student girl i guess. I knew Mc Danny as Rambo in Comic Action (one of comedy program in Kompas Tv), yes i often watches this program cause the MC is Raditya Dika haha no no i mean i love this program enough cause there are funny-comics who present their joke to audience. And it's entertaining enough. Okay back to this workshop. Raditya Dika and Randhika Jamil shared their experience to us. They told us how became good-comic surely with awesome-joke. They told us about the names in Stand Up Comedy like Set Up, Puchline, Riffing, Hackling, Persona, etc. And it made my knowledge more increase than before. Yes, i'm very interesting about Stand Up Comedy, sometimes i searched about that but if there's someone who ask me "Do you want to be a comic?" My answer is absolutely not. I just want to enjoy their joke without became as they, that's all. I think comics have a smart-joke and i love it. I love Raditya Dika, Ge Pamungkas, Ernest Prakasa, Pandji, Ryan Andriandhy, Gilang Bhaskara, Kemal Palevi, and many more. I love them. Well, this workshop ended at 12.00. So many laughed! Raditya Dika and Randhika Jamil made the atmosphere melted. Also McDanny who made the audience laughed with his joke. Ah, totally funny! :D

When i joined their quiz~
With McDanny (Rambo), he's truly funny-man!

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